Jul. 9th, 2008

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     Well I hope you guys to excuse me for my mistakes when I write on English. For the beginning I'd like to start with note what amazing expirience was this! For all fans of old school rock I guess you will understand me. And guess what? I'm not gona only "blabla" about the concert! I have pictures and videos! Well let me start...

    19:00 we are a little bit nervous concert start at 20:00 and we just going to Academic stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria. You could see people from all ages going together in same direction. Wherever you look at you could see a shirts of Whitesnake or Def Leppard, because YEAH THEY SING TOGETHER!

    19:40 We are next to the stadium and we could hear the support singer our boy Toma (Bulgarian Music Idol WInner for 2008) And could you guess what was the song? Hell yeah fans of Supernatural! It was "High Way To Hell" of AC/DC. It was just amazing. That guy I have to tell you have an amazing voice...You should hear his preformance of Blacksabath and "Paranoid" or Judas Priest "Breaking the low".

    20:00 Concert have to start but on stage on place of Whitesnake came some guy from the team and his words was: "Sorry but on Macedonia border they lost electricity and concert will start at 23:00" Cool! Viva Macedonia! Fine with us we want to see the bands so we stay! Around us walking people with beers in their hands. Mhm...We want too! But who gona go to take it? Well yeah ofcourse the oldest ones...


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