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 Well guys and girls...I'm kind a existed so excuse me for a bilions of mistake which I probably will make in this post. I guess every one of you connect this song with Supernatural of course I'm of those people too. Well Kansas made a concert in National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria. They started with amazing sound of electric viola, unbeliveble light show... All songs which they sang was amazing. The whole hall just keep their breath when the gentle sound of  "Dust In The WInd" touched our ears.
  People you should see this... People from all ages young, old...they all was together in this amazing show. I even can't find enough words to describe it. My heart were jumping all the time...And everyone was waiting one thing... Carry on my wayward son... But what happened? The band say "We love you Bulgaria, thank you and good night" Than all lights on the stage gone and they disappear too. It was kind a shock for some of the people but I said at begining they will finish with this song. Everybody was screaming and claping with hands...Such amazing sound without even to be music...And than they came back...Just a little music show for a couple of seconds, one short song and than...
    Than we hear the first tones of "Carry on my wayward son" everybody jump on their legs. From every single corner you could hear how someone screaming. Phones and cameras was out (mine too but I wont kill you with the video because I sing there too and this is enough to kill an army). Every single sound of the song send me in Supernatural ` s world. After I made 2 minutes video I remembered for the people which I love most...My friends...People with which my life is connected over a year thanks to Supernatural. So I stop shooting and just dial them to share this with my most precious friends. Because in moment like this you want to share it with all which you love.
    For some reason I feel that every fan of Supernatural will be happy to live this which I lived tonight and with my poor english but with alot of feelings in my heart I want to share this with you. I promise in future to check out for some video which is not a nightmare thanks to my singing. And I wish to everyone who can't see boys on real to feel this which I felt listening Carry on my wayward son on live...
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