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Here I go again with my concert posts! Like I promised I will post this review too.
    I have to start with this that in the begining I thought that I'll miss this concert. But one day leaded by the moment I buy a ticket. I don't feel sorry about this. Just imagine 50,000 people screaming all together and concert didn't start yet! Metallica had to sing at 9 p.m. before them had two other bands The Sword and Dawn. But imagine what was the crowd that on all radio and tv stations they were summon people to go earlier the doors opened at 3 p.m. Of course we wanted to see Metallica and thats why we go later.

20:00 we was alredy in National Stadium Vasil Levski. Dawn alredy made people mad. I was amazed. The crowd from Def Leppard and Whitesnake concert was nothing if you could see this one...We was upstairs and we had a nice view to the stage. I saw sea of hands rised up and shaking with the rythm of the song. It was magical.

    But time go so slow...And still Dawn and no Metallica but I have to admit those guys made good show...

    You can see alone the crowd and all rised hands up...Yeah it was amazing and this wasnt Metallica.
And here the time came! We hear the first sounds of Creeping Death. If I have to be fair that song is not of my favorite ones. But it doesn't stoped me to shacke my head wild on it. Crowd just get mad screams from every single corner of the stadium. I think that people outside could hear us to. Actually I'm sure.
    I just adore Fuel and I tought that they wont sing it. But what was my surprise when I hear "Gimme fuel Gimme fire Gimme that which I desire". I get mad. I totaly freaked out! And of course this is the reason the video which I made on that song to be only 30 seconds, because I HAD TO GET WILD and I put my camera back on her place...Pyro efects was unbelieveble...

    You can see them alone :) Amazing ha? Of course it was loud! People the guys from the should see what happened on Master Of Puppets... Wait why I should have to torture you with my english... Have to say that this is my other favorite song of Metallica...OK I like wild songs who can blame me! My blood just boiling.

    And of course...Wherever May I Roam...


    And of course how can I miss... For Whom The Bells Tolls

And we don't have to forget the gentle sound of Fade To Black

And can you imagine what is 50,000 people to sing all together on dark stadium with lifted up fire lights and cell phone screens. James even stop sing for a moment because he didn't have to. Every one sing it like one the amazing and sensitive and forever... Nothing Else Matters

    And what about One? With all those gunshoots. OK people imagine them on real on a stadium with screaming crowd...And you are one of those people which scream and scream and ... What the hell I'm talking about you just have to see it...

And the song which closed the concert...Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek anddddddddddddddd Destroyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You can guess that this was madness a real one a huge one! Just ... Just Seek And Destroy!

And c'mon do you really think that I will leave you like this? Just with the videos and one picture of Dawn Stage? Naaaaaaaaah! Coming pic spam! Please if you use credit.

To see all pictures HERE


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