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Title – Two are not enough, three are too many
Cathegory - Supernatural Fanfic
Characters – Sam and Dean Winchester, Also a unknown hunter
Warnings – Bloody scenes, violence, and some hot pictures
Summary – A small park in a God-forgotten town, have found a dismembered couple for the third time this year.
Authors NoteNeed beta for J2

She was walking by him in the dark alleys of the park. She was holding onto his arm for dear life. Deep in herself she regretted going out, after all the horror movies they had seen, now they were going deeper and deeper. The shadows were getting thicker and she got the feeling they were even moving. At last they reached the small deserted building which looked like a chapel. He burst through the door with a solid kick, but she stopped.


Just bored

Jun. 19th, 2008 12:44 am
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One day I decide to try how to make videos. This is my 3rd video but I love it because is breaking my heart. Sometimes when i watch it i cry on it...So hope you like the song guys.


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