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So I am kind a new here. This post will be visible but this is the only one. I will post my arts in community [community profile] roseyarts I am mostly active in LiveJournal. Same name same community. I will see how things go here to decide shall I continue posting or no. I am fan of classic rock, Enrique Iglesias and Adam Lambert. Watching: Supernatural, Game of thrones, The vampire diaries, White Collar, Leverage (and many others but these r my top). If you like to be friends comment to be added.
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And here I go again...

1. Jensen Ackles - 12 icons 2 signatures
2. Jared Padalecki - 4 icons

For crying Dean pictures thanks to: [ profile] sn_jo 
For promo pictures: [ profile] kynikey 
Gag reel pictures are mine screen caps which I'll post soon.

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I really missed Tru Calling and Eliza Dushku, but now thanks to FOX I can enjoy her presents again! So here some icons from Dollhouse and Supernatural...

1. Eliza Dushku / Dollhouse - 9 icons
2. Jensen Ackles - 7 icons
3. Jared Padalecki - 6 icons

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Well guys...I didn't play with Corel since ages...And now I made some Dean Icons and again for all of you which are tired to watch same winamp skins have some surprises with the boys. Hope you'll like them.

1. Jensen Ackles / Dean Winchester - 26 icons 4 winamp skins
2. Jared Padalecki / Sam Winchester - 2 winamp skins
3. Winchester's -  3 winamp skins

 Pictures used for winamp skins thanks to [profile] dana_chosenart

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Well a little pic spam just a little with my own screen caps which I use for some of my icons. Hope you like them. And please don't kill me but they are mostly Dean's just can't stop myself love that guy soooo much!

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Here I go again with my concert posts! Like I promised I will post this review too.
    I have to start with this that in the begining I thought that I'll miss this concert. But one day leaded by the moment I buy a ticket. I don't feel sorry about this. Just imagine 50,000 people screaming all together and concert didn't start yet! Metallica had to sing at 9 p.m. before them had two other bands The Sword and Dawn. But imagine what was the crowd that on all radio and tv stations they were summon people to go earlier the doors opened at 3 p.m. Of course we wanted to see Metallica and thats why we go later.

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Here I Go Again...This time is completly Winchester time! Dean and Sam alone and together!

1. Jensen Ackles / Dean Winchester - 18 icons
2. Jared Padalecki / Sam Winchester -  8 icons
3. The Winchesters -  8 icons

:: For lovely Hell House Screencaps [personal profile] raloria ::
::For amazing Jared pictures [personal profile] jessm78 ::
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     Well I hope you guys to excuse me for my mistakes when I write on English. For the beginning I'd like to start with note what amazing expirience was this! For all fans of old school rock I guess you will understand me. And guess what? I'm not gona only "blabla" about the concert! I have pictures and videos! Well let me start...

    19:00 we are a little bit nervous concert start at 20:00 and we just going to Academic stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria. You could see people from all ages going together in same direction. Wherever you look at you could see a shirts of Whitesnake or Def Leppard, because YEAH THEY SING TOGETHER!

    19:40 We are next to the stadium and we could hear the support singer our boy Toma (Bulgarian Music Idol WInner for 2008) And could you guess what was the song? Hell yeah fans of Supernatural! It was "High Way To Hell" of AC/DC. It was just amazing. That guy I have to tell you have an amazing voice...You should hear his preformance of Blacksabath and "Paranoid" or Judas Priest "Breaking the low".

    20:00 Concert have to start but on stage on place of Whitesnake came some guy from the team and his words was: "Sorry but on Macedonia border they lost electricity and concert will start at 23:00" Cool! Viva Macedonia! Fine with us we want to see the bands so we stay! Around us walking people with beers in their hands. Mhm...We want too! But who gona go to take it? Well yeah ofcourse the oldest ones...
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Today I was at cinema to watch Wanted. And I actually just fall in love in this movie. So I hope some one else to like it too...

1. Supernatural - 4 icons
2. Angelina Jolie / Wanted - 17 icons



More Icons

Jul. 3rd, 2008 04:49 am
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Just messing arround with the corel...This time I chosed some other faces which I never tried before. Also I keept my promise for some Justin Hartley Icons.

Jensen Ackles - 6 icons
Justin Hartley - 5 icons
Hilary Duff - 3 icons
J Lo - 3 icons
Angelina Jolie - 2 icons
Ville Valo - 3 icons
Chicago Bulls - 1 icon
Winamp skin -  You are my light, I am your hope (colors black and pink)
You are my light, I am your hope - 1 baner

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Well I'm a creative person! I love to keep myself busy...And when is about the boys...Well uhm...Just love to make any thing with their faces or words or anything. I remember how hard was for me to find a winamp skin with Jensen which to fit on my taste. And the end I get bored and start to make them alone. If you like some of my creations just put them where is your winamp folder winamp/skins and enjoy....

1. Jensen Ackles - 3 winamp skins
2. Jared Padalecki - 1 winamp skins

My boys...

Jun. 30th, 2008 12:57 am
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Here is my first video. Its funny that I post them starting with my second try.  This one is not  dedicated to Supernatural, but is dedicated to all my favorite boys. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Gerard Butler, Chad Michael Murray, Enrique Iglesias and papa Winchester. I chose my verry favorite song Enrique Iglesias and Ring My Bells. Well Jens and Jay role is bigger :D So for all who wana see them...

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Playing again with Corel...

1. Jensen Ackles - 7 icons
2. Valentino Rossi - 7 icons
3. P.S. I love you and Gerard Butler - 14 icons
4. Chad Michael Murray - 3 icons
5. Enrique Iglesias - 5 icons
6. Fred (the lizard) from Nim's Island - 2 icons

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For the amazing Jared Padalecki pics thanks to [personal profile] katysam and for the great textures big thanks to [profile] vol4itca

1. Jensen Ackles - 5 icons
2. Jared Padalecki - 5 icons

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For the amazing Jared Padalecki pics thanks to [personal profile] katysam . And for the textures thanks to [profile] vol4itca

1. Jensen Ackles - 3 icons
2. Jared Padalecki - 3 icons
3. J2 - 1 icon
4. Hugh Jackman - 1 icon, 3 signatures

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 Well I just remembered about this. And I guess have other people like me which probably never could get a chance to see Jens in real and to take an autograph from him. So I'd like to share with you how to recive an autograph from Jens...

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 Well guys and girls...I'm kind a existed so excuse me for a bilions of mistake which I probably will make in this post. I guess every one of you connect this song with Supernatural of course I'm of those people too. Well Kansas made a concert in National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria. They started with amazing sound of electric viola, unbeliveble light show... All songs which they sang was amazing. The whole hall just keep their breath when the gentle sound of  "Dust In The WInd" touched our ears.
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Yesterday I promised icons with Bella and Ruby and actually today I made alot of fun making some of them.

1. Jensen Ackles - 1 Icon
2. Jared Padalecki - 1 icon
3. Eliza Dushku - 4 icons
4. Ruby - 4 icons
5. Bella - 3 icons
6. Chad Michael Murray - 1 icon
7. Enrique Iglesias - 1 icon
8. P.S. I Love you - 1 icon

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Well one other passion of me is Eliza Dushku so I made a try to make a crossover between Tru and Dean, also i tried to make a header with other weak spot of mine or othe rway...Ackles In Shackles...So I hope you guys like them. You can see and some icons of Ruby, Sam and Bella too.

1. Jensen Ackles - 2 icons, 2 headers
2. Jared Padalecki - 2 icons
3. Bella - 1 icon
3. Ruby - 1 icon
4. Eliza Dushku and Jensen Ackles - 1 baner

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A small video over a 1 minute about Dean`s dreams and hopes just a little bit before time for his deal. This is my second video and song is of Dream Evil - Losing you...Its my second try so its not a perfect but i put alot of feelings till i maked it.

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