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Well guys...I didn't play with Corel since ages...And now I made some Dean Icons and again for all of you which are tired to watch same winamp skins have some surprises with the boys. Hope you'll like them.

1. Jensen Ackles / Dean Winchester - 26 icons 4 winamp skins
2. Jared Padalecki / Sam Winchester - 2 winamp skins
3. Winchester's -  3 winamp skins

 Pictures used for winamp skins thanks to [profile] dana_chosenart


More Icons

Jul. 3rd, 2008 04:49 am
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Just messing arround with the corel...This time I chosed some other faces which I never tried before. Also I keept my promise for some Justin Hartley Icons.

Jensen Ackles - 6 icons
Justin Hartley - 5 icons
Hilary Duff - 3 icons
J Lo - 3 icons
Angelina Jolie - 2 icons
Ville Valo - 3 icons
Chicago Bulls - 1 icon
Winamp skin -  You are my light, I am your hope (colors black and pink)
You are my light, I am your hope - 1 baner

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Well I'm a creative person! I love to keep myself busy...And when is about the boys...Well uhm...Just love to make any thing with their faces or words or anything. I remember how hard was for me to find a winamp skin with Jensen which to fit on my taste. And the end I get bored and start to make them alone. If you like some of my creations just put them where is your winamp folder winamp/skins and enjoy....

1. Jensen Ackles - 3 winamp skins
2. Jared Padalecki - 1 winamp skins


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